Creativity using 3D design

Everyone is creative in their own way. Whether it be art, drama, IT or sport, we each have our own skill sets that allow us to be creative. After all, if we were all the same, we would live in a very mundane world.

Following the latest addition to our team, we now have four slightly different styles of creativity in our studio. This collaboration allows us to take an open brief and produce striking designs for extension or new build developments.

We appreciate that because everyone has different creative abilities, some clients have difficulty reading and visualising the two-dimensional designs traditionally produced by architectural practices. With this in mind, we offer a 3D model design service that provides our clients with an opportunity to better understand our proposals. The model also acts as an aid in supporting any future planning applications as we progress the project through our stages of work to achieve full planning permission.

The ability to illustrate and modify material finishes in sophisticated 3D rendering software far outweighs the detail and visual benefits provided from two-dimensional elevations. At the click of a button, our highly developed 3D rendering software enables both our client and design team to consider the most suitable and effective material finishes.

In addition to the aesthetical representation that a 3D model provides, its development can also illustrate and help understand its proposed building form and relationship to neighbouring properties. A useful tool when considering the requirements of General Planning Policy GP8, models allow us to consider the mass and scale of proposals and any impact they may have on nearby amenities.

The images below show 3D model options used at the feasibility stage and fully rendered models for Planning applications. Depending on our client’s requirements, we will develop a model in line with the brief, ensuring that they are seeing value in our services.

If you have an extension, conversion or new build project in mind and you would like to explore its feasibility with JGA, please get in touch for a FREE on-site consultation to discuss the merits of a 3D model.

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