Life at Onze Onze

In February 2016, owners of Onze Onze approached JG Architecture Limited (JGA) with a brief to remove their existing conservatory, eliminate damp related issues within the property and to provide them with a modern, contemporary extension comprising a new master bedroom with ensuite, a sewing room and a lounge with the capability of doubling up as an entertaining space that maximises views over the west coast of Guernsey.

With this brief, our team worked closely with the client to agree upon a design ready for submission to The Development & Planning Authority. Utilising our knowledge of Planning Policies and the benefit of a Pre-application enquiry, we were able to obtain Planning Permission for our client at the first attempt. We were pleased to report that our Building Control Application also sailed through with only standard conditions imposed on the license.

Having successfully delivered this project through these stages we then sought to find a local building contractor who could carry out the required works in line with our specifications and within our client’s budget. Rihoy & Son were our first point of call in view of JGA’s growing relationship with the contractor. Following our analysis of their tender, a negotiated contract value was agreed and a JCT building contract put to effect that named JGA as the Contract Administrator for the works.

With most construction projects, their lies uncertainty over the condition of the ground conditions until full excavation works are carried out. These ground conditions can influence the sub-structure design and of course with that, time and cost of the project. Once excavation works began at Onze Onze, it was soon realised that the sub strata consisted of granite, limiting the depth of excavation. This required close and immediate attention from CBL Consulting Engineers (the appointed Structural Engineer) and The Building Control Officer to agree a revised sub structure design.

The topographical orientation of Onze Onze positions the site in front of and below agricultural land, meaning that a waterproofing solution was required to cater for the below ground structures included in the design. In view of this and with excavation works complete, JGA liaised closely with a SIKA representative to agree the most appropriate product and construction details for this particular project to ensure that the damp issues previously experienced by the client, were not repeated.

Works to the superstructure combined a lightweight, timber frame ‘link’ structure that provides separation between the existing dwelling and the main extension. The visual separation being a horizontal timber cladding finish to contrast against the render systems of the main structures.

With the new master bedroom/ensuite provided at ground floor level, the desired lounge and entertaining space is provided above, comprising a pair of vaulted ceilings with glazed gable windows to the south and bi-folding doors to the north that once opened, provide the highly sought after transition between indoor and outdoor environments on to a 60m2 terrace with elevated views over the west coast. The lounge connects into the main dwelling via the previously mentioned lightweight link structure that comprises a glazed roof over, completing the source of natural light available to this new space.

Modern and contemporary design was in the brief and as such included a curved gallery/reception area that also leads onto the terrace to provide that contrast to the angular design provided by the new and existing gable ended structures.

All material finishes have been specifically selected to compliment the spaces provided, with particular attention given to the feature oak beams within the vaulted ceilings of the new lounge that marry with the engineered oak floor and new oak staircase.

This project was delivered over a 36 week period that has seen collaborative working between all parties involved, making it one of the most enjoyable building contracts to have administered, with the final product speaking for itself.

JGA would like to thank Rihoy & Son and their sub-contractors for their efforts in completing a project that has met and often exceeded expectations.


“Onze Onze represents Rihoy & Son’s first significant project with JGA – A project that has provided pleasure and satisfaction to all parties involved.

In order for any Building Contractor to successfully deliver a project, they require timely decisions, good communication, orderly disciplined meetings and a knowledgeable contract administrator.

We found all of this working with James Gavey and Miles Pengelley of JG Architecture Ltd. and look forward to working with them again in the future.”



“When we were considering upgrading Onze Onze we wanted a designer who shared our vision for the property. James and Miles of JG Architecture Ltd definitely shared our vision and then took the practical application to another level especially in respect of the architectural features and the internal layout of the property, whilst gaining our thoughts on a regular basis, throughout the planning stages. The result being that not only does the property look fantastic but it works better than we anticipated from a practical perspective.

During the construction phase James and Miles continued to manage the project to a high standard, working closely with the main contractor, to ensure that the vision and their design worked as well in final form as it promised on paper. Overall JG Architecture Ltd have allowed us to realise a vision of a modern house, with a wow factor, whilst still retaining a homely feel.”



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