Home extensions – where to start?

Extending your home is a popular way to increase space and add value to your property.  And it’s certainly less hassle and not as costly as moving. Whether it’s a wow entertaining space, a home office, a gym or an extra bedroom, it can still be daunting to know where to start on a project like this.

Here’s what should you be considering before you start your extension:

Will your plans to extend add value?

Speaking to a good local estate agent who can give a view on whether your plans would add value to your home is a good starting point with any big home improvement project. They should be able to give you an indication of how much it would increase the overall value, which can help you with budgeting for the project.

Perhaps also think about how the extension can add value through your lifetime living at the property.  Any changes should be future proofed, for instance a playroom on the ground floor for now might become a bedroom for later life when stairs become challenging.  So do you need additional space for a downstairs bathroom too?


Planning permissions & building regulations

Is your dream design within the parameters of what’s acceptable to the States planning department?  There are important questions around where the property boundary is.

Ground conditions will have to be investigated, the ground levels on each side may impact the type of foundation or retaining structures required.  The existing foundations may need to be checked to see if they can sustain new loadings, new foundations must have sufficient strength. This is where the value of a qualified architectural technologist can really assist by adding their expertise in both their knowledge of the process as well as building specifications and requirements.


The cost will depend on the size of the extension, structural work and location of the project.  JGA can carry out exercises to get budget costs prior to design work being carried out so you know a rough guide cost for the project before starting on the planning and building control process. This way you won’t run out of money half way through the build stage.

There could be other costs to consider too such as can you still live in your property while works take place or will you need to rent or make changes to your daily life routine for a short period of time?



It is important to use an architect who listens to your aspirations and you can trust so that your vision can be realised. JGA is a friendly, open-minded, chartered architectural practice.  We are committed to improving your living experience, and by working with us and our process we can exceed your expectations.

Deciding whether to go for an extension is a balancing act.  At JGA we don’t think of extensions as just additions, they can be an art form that sets a home apart, creating a sense of identity as well as space. View some of our previous work here.


Are you planning an extension?  Contact JGA today for a FREE, initial on-site consultation.

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