Get to know the team – Miles Pengelley

In the third edition of our ‘Get to know the team’ series, meet Miles Pengelley, Senior Architectural Technologist here at JG Architecture.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The variety of projects and people I can be involved with on a daily basis.

The work environment at JGA is also very enjoyable, despite the constant digs form the Liverpool fans in the office about Manchester United’s current performances.

What is your favourite building or structure in the world?
I have been pretty awestruck by a number of historical buildings that I have visited around the world, particularly when you consider the building methods available at the time they were constructed.

The most recent of these was the Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano) which is the world’s fourth largest church building and took nearly six centuries to complete!

Favourite city you have visited?
I’ve never been one for the hustle and bustle of city life, but of those I have visited, I would probably say that Porto is one of the most attractive, offering a city experience but in a more laid back environment than London or Paris.

What is your dream holiday?
I loved Bali when I visited in 2017 and would 100% go back, but to choose somewhere I’ve not been yet would be the Caribbean/Gulf of Mexico.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Guernsey?
We really are spoilt for choice for restaurants in Guernsey, particularly in town, but I do enjoy the fish menu at Fleur du Jardin, especially when able to enjoy it outside in the sun on their terrace with a cold glass of white wine.

Herm or Sark?
I’ve actually only been to Sark twice, each of those times being in the last three years. As a pretty bad sailor, I’ve avoided boats most of my life, so Herm is as far as I would typically go.

As a lover of the beach, I’m going to go with Herm on this one even though Sark’s festivals have been pretty awesome!

What are you currently enjoying in your spare time?
Outside of the office I play a lot of sport and enjoy dining out with friends on weekends. When I’m doing neither of those things, I enjoy engrossing myself in a Netflix series or TV drama with my girlfriend.

Are you watching any TV series at the moment?
There are several great dramas on TV at the moment.
I’ve currently got ‘The Victim’ and ‘Line of Duty’ on the go, with ‘The Widow’ and ‘The Bay’ recorded on standby.

What would be your dream car?
Dream cars are a bit of a non-starter when living in Guernsey, but to have one to use off island I’d have to say
a white Ford Mustang, just like Mark McKenzie has at CBL Consulting Ltd.

Three things you would change in Guernsey?

1. Cap the rental costs of commercial premises in St. Peter Port and The Bridge so that they become more affordable, attracting brands that will rejuvenate the area. I’d like to see Mill Street fulfil its potential in this respect.

2. The amount of vehicles commuting into the main centres – it would benefit everyone to reduce the amount of vehicle omissions whilst also improving traffic safety. I’d like to see a focus on the use of bicycles, motorcycles and public transport (park and ride) in these areas, ultimately closing the seafront between peak hours (Seafront Sunday but seven days a week!).

3. It’s an obvious choice, but the cost to get off the island can be astronomical. A cost-effective airline to get us to international airports would be beneficial for locals wanting to holiday whilst also supporting Guernsey’s tourism industry.

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